Monday, June 18, 2012

Classroom Norms Printables

I have been loving on this idea since I originally saw it pop up on pinterest months ago. Unfortunately I have no idea where the original source of this idea came from because the pin just takes you to this photo.
Photo: via pinterest
I decided to recreate this display for my own classroom. I can't wait to hang it up by my desk. I haven't decided if I'm just going to laminate these sheets and glue them to cardstock or if I am going to modpodge them on to canvases. Either way I think it'll be a fantastic addition to my classroom decor. I thought perhaps some other people could use it as well do feel free to download the documents as well. Click the link below to download your copies :)

Classroom Norm Free Printable


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I am going to have my students come up with the class norms themselves this year...but perhaps I can work some of these in somehow. I like them anyhow and will find a way to use them! Your idea about putting them on canvas would be awesome if I could figure out how to do it!

  2. Love. Love. Love!! Do you think I could get these in pdf form? When I try and open them the font doesn't stick and they open funny.

  3. I updated the link so they should work now. Sorry about that.

  4. I think the originals are by Krissy Venosdale. She's amazing!
    Here is a link to a ton of her free posters.

  5. Thanks, Mandy. :) Yep-- the originals are available for free on Flickr!

  6. Thanks for allowing others to use this!